"Witnessing Beauty"
200-Hour Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training for Post-Traumatic Growth

"witnessing beauty in the process,
fostering growth through presence"

We Start by Integrating and Growing the Foundations of Connection through Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging.




We Begin To Integrate Invitational Curiosity & Choice, Both Of Which Help Foster Learning & Growth.

To Learn, One Needs To Have Permission to Explore

Through exploration, the senses are engaged, and vulnerability reveals agency.

For Growth to Happen, One Must Feel Connected

To feel connected, one needs to feel safe, be seen, and be heard.

Agency Inspires Curiosity, and Curiosity Fosters Right Order and Organic Growth

This is the process of witnessing beauty in transformation and growth through Sakala.

Within the practices and teachings, we merge awareness of the Five elements of Life to Help Create accountability & Create Change.


Manifests Safety, Solidness, Stability.

Creates a reconnection to true self.

(Moss, Leaves & Rocks)


Manifests Flow, Feelings.

Creates space for growth through Emotional Release.

(Sea Shells & Watercolor Rainbows)


Manifests all movement: body, breath, thoughts, feelings.

Creates energetic shifts that help enable release & letting go.

(Feathers & Knotted Yarn)


Manifests Action, wisdom, passion.

Creates Transformation & Healing.

(Carnelian & Paper)


Manifests Space & connection; the container of expression.

Creates Sacred Space & True Presence.

(String Art)

Finally, Throughout The Training, We Teach Foundations Based Upon Universal Design For Learning (UDL), A Neuroscience-Informed Pedagogy That Rises To Balance Inequity By Striving To Accommodate Individuality In Learning And Learning Styles.